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Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide

l Sand mill grinding barrels,

l Silicon carbide heat exchanger tubes,

l Flue gas desulfurization nozzles,

l Wear-resistant lining materials, flame nozzles,

l Radiant tubes, rollers, beams, sheds, burner sleeves,

l Quench tubes, thermocouple protection tubes,large boilers,

l Saggers, crucibles, wear-resistant pipes, sandblasting nozzles,

l Desulfurization and dust removal nozzles for thermal power plants,

l Other special-shaped high-temperature, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant parts.

Reaction-Bonded Silicon Carbide (RBSiC & SiSiC) Data Sheet.pdf

Sintered Silicon Carbide ceramic

l Mechanical seals,

l sliding bearings,

l shaft sleeves,

l silicon carbide balls,

l silicon carbide plates,

l bullet-proof ceramics,

l ceramic wear-resistant sheets;

l other special customizable products according to their drawings.

Sintered Silicon Carbide(SSiC) Data Sheet.pdf

Alumina Ceramic

l Insulation board, wear-resistant board, insulation board,

l Ceramic tube, ceramic plunger, ceramic sleeve

l Ceramic shaft, ceramic sleeve, bearing, screw,

l Ceramic fixed knife, mechanical blade, screwdriver, ceramic pliers

l Ceramic block gauge, needle gauge, ring gauge

l Ceramic seals, ceramic water valves, ceramic valve cores

l Ceramic seal ring, ceramic bearing

l Alumina crucible, ceramic nozzle

Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) Data Sheet.pdf

Recrystallized Silicon Carbide

l Good high temperature load performance;

l Excellent thermal conductivity and heat resistance;

l Good antioxidant properties;

l Excellent acid and alkali resistance.

Recrystallized Silicon Carbide(ReSiC) Data Sheet.pdf

Boron Carbide

l Wear-resistant materials,

l Ceramic reinforced phases,

l Lightweight armor,

l Reactor neutron absorbers, etc.

l Easy to manufacture and low cost, so it is more widely used.

l Commonly used in grinding, grinding, drilling, etc.

Hot Pressed Boron Carbide(HP-B4C) Data Sheet.pdf

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